Study Finds Building Retirement Funds Number One Goal for 2016

deVere USA Inc pic

deVere USA Inc

With more than 15 years of experience working in finance, Benjamin Alderson works as senior area manager of deVere USA Inc., based in New York City. Possessing years of experience in the business, Benjamin Alderson advises clients on 401K rollover options, non-discretionary portfolio management, and education planning.

On his website, Mr. Alderson discusses the results of a deVere Group survey, which concluded during the last two months of 2015. The poll surveyed 655 high-net-worth clients with investable assets of more than $1.5 million. The results found that the top three financial resolutions for the new year included building funds for retirement (41%), viewing personal investment portfolios more frequently (27%), and saving more money to leave loved ones (23%). Various other resolutions accounted for the remaining nine percent.

When asked about the poll, deVere chief executive officer Nigel Green stated that he feels similar results would be achieved if the same poll were conducted for middle-income earners. He believes that wealth allows individuals and their families to achieve the lifestyles they seek, so there would be parallels across different income brackets.


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