Amid Market Volatility, High Net Worth Investors Scale Up Activity

deVere USA Inc pic

deVere USA Inc

Benjamin Alderson is a respected financial executive who guides deVere USA, Inc., as president and CEO. He emphasizes tax efficient structures in counseling a largely international clientele. In a recent blog article, Benjamin Alderson looked at an early 2016 survey that deVere undertook with 767 clients worldwide, each holding more than $1.5 million in investible assets. The basic question was whether they planned to invest more over the upcoming year.

Despite expectations of market volatility, a resounding 76 percent of the high net worth (HNW) respondents answered yes. The basic reason is simple: market shifts, whether up or down, represent vital selling and buying opportunities that can help investors solidify their overall positions over the long term.

With no bottoming-out in sight, it seems that many HNW investors see a bottom approaching and are looking for opportunities to purchase at attractive prices. The optimal approach seems to mimic Warren Buffet’s maxim that one should run counter to the masses and “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”


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