PES Video Game Series Signs Exclusive Deal with Liverpool

Pro Evolution Soccer pic

Pro Evolution Soccer

Benjamin Alderson currently serves as deVere USA Inc.’s senior area manager. When he is not working, Benjamin Alderson enjoys keeping up with his favorite soccer team, the Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool was recently announced as the official partner for this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer video game, PES 2017.

Konami’s PES series has been going strong since 2001 when the first Pro Evolution Soccer game was released. While Konami had been releasing soccer games since 1995, this was the first with the PES name.

Now a mainstay series for footie fans, the PES series releases a new game every year. The 2017 entry’s exclusive deal with Liverpool means a much more faithful and authentic representation of the team and their famous Anfield stadium than seen in previous entries. The deal gives the game makers exclusive club access that will allow them to gather details and information they otherwise would not have been able to.

Despite the exclusive deal, the Liverpool team and Anfield Stadium will also appear in Pro Evolution Soccer’s main competitor, FIFA 17, as their parent company EA Sports is partnered with the entire Premier League.


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